Success….at Last!

Imagine bowling at the USBC National tournament for 22 years with the same partner. Doesn't sound like too much of a big deal. Now, imagine that partner lives on the other side of the country. And, to make it even more unusual, there is no family relationship between the two.

Was it a successful partnership? You wouldn't think so if winning was the goal. But, number 22 turned out to be the magic number. Click here to read the story about what happened this year.

Lane Certification

Every year the Southern Nevada USBC Association Board of Directors conduct extensive examinations of the bowling centers in our jurisdiction. This year we will start on May 7th at the Texas Star Lanes. If you want to see first hand or want to get involved in the process just drop by any of the centers on the dates and times noted on the schedule. Please click here for the 2017 schedule. Please be aware that the schedule is subject to change for a variety of reasons so before you make the trip to a center, check here to be sure you have the latest schedule.

Unclaimed Bracket Winnings

The Southern Nevada USBC Association has a substantial amount of unclaimed bracket winnings on hold at our office. Please check the list and if your name is on it, please drop by the office or call us at (702) 778-2220 and let us know what you would like us to do. If you are picking up money for someone other than yourself, you must have written permission from the individual. Funds held longer than 1 year will be added to one of our tournament prize funds.

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