Looking for a little help

The World Seniors Championships are being held at Sam's Town from Tuesday thru Sunday this week and they need pacers. You do NOT need to be a senior to do this. For those of you who do not know what a pacer is, it is someone who fills a vacant slot. For example, in this tournament there are 25 women's teams and that would leave one team on a lane by themselves. We are looking to put a pacer team on the lane to bowl with the odd numbered team. The same is true for the doubles and singles events. Pacers do not pay nor do you have to have any special average. If you want additional information or want to volunteer to fill one of the slots noted below, please call Vern Vernazzaro at (702) 376-0178. If I do not answer you then please leave a message and I will call you back. You may also send an e-mail; to vernazzarov@cox.net.

Women's Needs

    Wednesday 08:30 – 12:00 (Singles) Need 1
    Friday 14:00 – 17:00 (Team) Need 5
    Saturday 12:30 – 15:30 (Team) Need 5

You can bowl in as many of these as you like. We do not need different bowlers for each squad noted.


Bowl for the Cure

Join us in celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Bowl for the Cure® on Sunday, September 20, 2015 (Registration – 9:30 am; Bowling – 11:00 am) at the South Point Bowling Center.

Registration Form (Form is fillable, i.e., may be filled out online before printing. Save document to your computer before filling out). Note: You do not need to bowl in order to be part of this years activities. Just come on down to the center and join us.


League Officer Workshops

If you are goint to be a league officer for the upcoming bowling season, please try to attend a workshop. You have probably already been contacted by the center but if not, contact the center where you will be an officer and ask them for details. A copy of the current schedule can be obtained by clicking here. It will be updated as information becomes available. (latest update: July 29, 2015)


Fall Leagues

Most of the centers have set their fall bowling league schedules. You can access them by selecting the Current/Future League Schedules dropdown  located on the left side of this screen. If an error message appears the center's schedule has not been received. Check back periodically or call the center.


Now and Forever

Dave & BrendaThe day was Saturday, June 27th and the temperature in Las Vegas was well over 100 degrees but sometimes heat gets sent to the back row while love takes center stage. June 27th was one of those days. In a chapel overflowing with family, friends and the music of love, two of our dearest friends joined together as man and wife.

"With the warmest wishes to a very special couple, may the bond of marriage unify your souls and bring out all that is good in the both of you". heart

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present the happy couple, Brenda & Dave Rowe.


Nevada State Hall of Fame

At the Nevada State USBC Association's Annual Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet two Southern Nevada bowlers were inducted into their Hall of Fame.


David Haynes
Superior Performance

David has amassed a multitude of bowling achievements starting at the tender age of 15 when he rolled his first 3-game 800 series. His first 300 game came soon after when he was 16. To date, his perfection on the lanes has totaled over 100 – 300 games, more than 35 – 800 series and a high average of 242. He has held the high average in Nevada four times.

David’s bowling skills earned him a spot on Team USA for ten years, more than anyone else. In his international competitive career, David has won 9 Gold Medals, 5 Silver Medals, 5 Bronze Medals while competing in the Tournament of the Americas, the Fédération Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ), and the World Bowling Championship.

Bowling has allowed David the opportunity to bowl in 14 different countries and provided many great memories and lifelong friendships. As a professional, he has won nine PBA Regional titles and was named the PBA Regional Rookie of the year in 2010.

David has made time to give back his expertise through serving as a league officer, board member of USA Bowling two years, and has been a member of the Storm Bowling staff since 2001.

In 2013 David was elected to the Southern Nevada USBC Association Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.


Mike Monyak
Superior Performance

Mike Monyak has been a bowling proprietor in the Greater Southern Nevada area since the early 1980s. He started as manager of the old College Park Bowling Center and currently is the Manager of the South Point Bowling Center and the new 60 lane tournament facility (South Point Bowling Plaza) which will host many national tournaments. As a proprietor, Mike has always shown his willingness to work with the bowling associations and has hosted many of their tournaments. He was instrumental in getting the Southern Nevada Master’s Tournament reinstated.

Mike has proven himself as well with his high average of at least 220 or more for more than 15 years, culminating with his highest average of 233. Mike has amassed 15 – 800 series, 37 – 300 games, 2 – 299 games and hundreds of 700 series in his career while bowling in leagues as well as local, state, national and professional bowling tournaments.

Mike has won several championships in tournaments in Nevada, Washington and the Northwest Bowling Association. In 2011, Mike and his teammates rolled the highest score in the nation for that year for a 3 man 1 woman team event. As a youth bowler, Mike captured two championships in Washington.

In 2005 Mike was elected to the Southern Nevada USBC Association Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.


Nevada State Above & Beyond Scholarship

Each year Nevada State awards one boy and one girl a $1,000 Above & Beyond scholarship. This year the awards went to a young lady from Southern Nevada and a young gentleman from Reno-Sparks. Rather than highlight their accomplishments on the lanes I thought it wopuld be nice to show you the letters that they wrote in support of thier application.

Malia Ho’okano
Southern Nevada

My future is a world of discovery for me, not because I don't know what I want to do, but because life is inevitable.   In my lifetime, I am going to be thrown into things that might benefit me or even things that I would never wish upon another person.  Being the person that I was when I was a kid, I would have never thought I would have found something that I feel so passionate about.  That something for me is bowling.  I plan to continue bowling until the day I die.  Bowling is one thing I can say that I truly strive to do better at and that's saying a lot. I say this because when I was growing up and when something got difficult for me, I did it once and never really tried it again.  In my mind, bowling keeps me grounded; I might not be going to school for bowling, but with all the money I have collected in scholarship funds, it is helping me out big time.

Bowling wasn't a big part of my life until about four years ago. You could say that I was meant to bowl, just because my mom bowled while she was pregnant with me until she got too big to bowl and had to stop bowling. I actually grew up in the bowling atmosphere because right after my mom recovered from having me, my parents both went right back into another bowling league. I guess one could say that bowling is in my blood. Bowling is something that I find to be very relaxing and calming for myself. I honestly could say that bowling is such a big part of my life that even if I injured myself, I would find a way to do it. It is actually the only real hobby that I have. If I am not at home spending time with my family, then I'm probably out bowling. I consider myself to be quite unique because people always talk about how lefties are naturals and they think it has to do with the way we write, when in fact I write with my right hand. People are always surprised and fascinated by this; it's kind of interesting though because I actually did not find out that I was a left handed person until I was nine years old. I thought it was sort of crazy and hilarious that we didn't know or noticed that I was actually left -handed.  My family and I were not fully aware until I started bowling when I was fourteen. I believe in my mind that my life didn't really start until I started bowling.

Planning for the future is something that everyone has to do in order to become successful.  In my future plan, I see myself becoming a criminal investigator or a forensic analyst.  I have always been interested in things such as figuring out how someone died and finding out how a person committed a crime.  It sounds kind of gruesome at first, but I feel it is a job that would never get old.  Most likely, I would go in everyday and there would be a new case. As far as education goes, I intend to go to a community college for two years.  Then transfer to a university that offers me the classes that are needed for this particular field.  By going to community college first, this saves a lot of money and helps me understand what college is really going to be like.  Furthermore, education and determination should be at the top of one's priority list if you want to be able to succeed in life.


Kyle Lethcoe

In order to begin this exploration into the future of myself I believe the first place to begin would be the introduction of the past and present as without either there could be no future to talk about. My name is Kyle Lethcoe and I am a sophomore studying biochemistry at the University of Nevada, Reno.  I did not originate from a place of money, but rather I had the privilege to start off in a household which was humble with anything they got and happy with everything they had.  My place of origin often serves as my greatest inspiration to follow the path in which I currently walk as for the moment I graduated high school I knew what I wanted to do.  Lucky for me the commitment and sacrifice of my parents are a privilege that most do not get to enjoy. Because of the will of my family as well as the will of my own desire to fortify my knowledge of the world I believe my future is very bright.

Now that the introduction of myself and why I choose to walk the path in which I am currently walking has been elaborated on I can now begin to expand upon my education.  My education is my future and I am determined to follow that future until I am satisfied with all I have learned.  I will begin with the end of my high school career as it was this point in my life that I understood the importance of my knowledge and I decided to further my education. I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes two weeks before I started my senior year at Carson High School, but I worked through this road block and I graduated with honors and a 4.025 grade point average. Logically my next step was to enroll in a university in which I could gain the greatest possible opportunity to further my knowledge.  I decided on the University of Nevada, Reno as it offered a very well rounded and challenging curriculum for biochemistry. I am one who strives for excellence when it comes to my grades as well as my success as a student.  Currently I am finishing my sophomore year at UNR with an overall grade point average of 3.37.  The reason in which I have pushed so hard for excellence is ultimately to achieve my goal once I graduate with my biochemistry degree.

My goal is simple, yet the means in which I expect to achieve it are a little more complicated. The opportunity to help people is something that I find to be very important in what I plan to do in the future. That was the simple part. The more complicated part is the means in which I have decided to help people. My ultimate goal once I have graduated college is to continue on to pharmaceutical school and one day become a pharmacist or work in a lab doing research and development of different medicines which will help people . This goal is a major driving force behind my determination to achieve excellence in my field of study as it will allow me to take another step closer to accomplishing my goal.

On another note when it comes to hobbies or clubs I am not the guy who rock climbs above canyons or swims with sharks on the coast.  I am a 4th generation bowler who enjoys bowling, barbecuing and hiking. This is hardly the makings of a dare devil or the creation of an adrenaline junkie, yet my hobbies focus around the common entity in my life which is helping people.  I am a bowler for the UNR bowling club which is hoping to sanction later on this year in order to bowl other colleges around the west and mid-west.  When I am not focusing on fixing something I am doing wrong in practice, I enjoy helping others with any kind of problem they are having at the time.  I volunteered to coach football for a local  league in Carson while I was in high school and I occasionally help my mom with handing out food to those who are in need in our community. Because I have focused so much time and effort on my school work I have not gotten the opportunity to volunteer as much as I would like to. In addition to being the first in my family to go to a university I have begun to understand  how college life works and I plan on volunteering this next semester when I have free time.

I would like to thank you for taking the time and reading this essay about my future and how my past and present have affected it. In the event that I win this scholarship I would like to acknowledge the impact that it would have on my life as a student and my life as a person. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. This is a saying which I carry with me all the time as it is a huge reminder of how far I have come.  This scholarship may not be the first or last step in my journey, yet it will be a point which will allow me to move forward and ultimately complete my goal of helping people and living a life I can be proud to say is mine. Thank you.


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