Challenge and Sport League Conversion Charts

If you have seen the new conversion chart for challenge leagues or the conversion chart for the sport leagues, you may have noticed an oddity. The charts were designed to work both ways, e.g., from sport to standard and from standard to sport. If you look at the standard averages on each chart you will find that there are some sport or challenge averages that equate to more than one standard average. For example a 212 challenge average is equivalent to a 226 standard average and a 213 challenge average is also equivalent to a 226 standard average. Going from challenge to standard doesn't seem to be an issue but the reverse can be confusing. For example, what is the challenge average for a 226 standard average bowler, 212 or 213. The answer is that you will always use the higher of the two, in this case, the 213 (We always round up, not down). This is the policy that USBC has adopted. And, this is the policy that the rules department follows in these cases.    Sport Conversion Chart     Challenge Conversion Chart

Unclaimed Bracket Winnings

The Southern Nevada USBC Association has a substantial amount of unclaimed bracket winnings on hold at our office. Please check the list and if your name is on it, please drop by the office or call us at (702) 778-2220 and let us know what you would like us to do. If you are picking up money for someone other than yourself, you must have written permission from the individual. Funds held longer than 1 year will be added to one of our tournament prize funds.

Southern Nevada USBC Association 2017 Annual Meeting

The 2017 annual meeting was held on Sunday, July 30th. Vern Vernazzaro was elected President for the fifth time. Two new board members were elected during the meeting. Congratulations to Jim Schneidewent and Doug Valentine, who were joined by seven other directors who won re-election. They are Stacey Frazier, Brenda Rowe, Daryl Vance, Val Shaw, Vicki Snyder, Eric Catalan and Terri Robinson.  

In addition to board elections, 5 delegates were selected for the USBC National Convention for 2017. This convention will be held in Reno. If anyone is interested in becoming a delegate, please go to our forms page and fill out the application form. In addition, 3 delegates were selected for the Nevada State meeting for 2017. This meeting will be held in Gardnerville. The same application form may be used for potential state delegates.

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