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If you haven't already experienced it, there may be a need for most, if not all, of us to register to use's "Find a Member" feature. I can also tell you that the app will be available to members only. As long as you are a member of USBC you will have access to everything. 

I don't have any other details at this time but when they surface, I will post them here.

Age is only a number

I'm quite sure that you have heard the phrase "Age is only a number" more than once. While it has many meanings, I find that the most impressive one is to remind us that great things can be accomplished at any age. There are a lot of folks who would not believe that someone over 70 could ever bowl a 300 game or an 800 series, but here in Nevada we have quite a few folks who have done just that. Want to know who they are? Just click here to see the list for the last 12 years.

Southern Nevada USBC Association Annual Meeting

If you are interested in what happens to bowling in Southern Nevada we encourage you to attend this meeting. It will be held in Salon J at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino on Sunday, July 31, 2016.  It will start at 1:00 p.m.

Minutes of 2015 Annual Membership Meeting.  All reports from meeting.

 The meeting agenda includes: 

           1.   State of Association Report
           2.   Committee reportsBudget for 2016-2017
           3.   USBC legislative actions
           4.   Upcoming tournament information
           5.   Proposed change to bylaws (click here for copy of proposed change)
           6.   Election of board members
           7.   Delegate election to USBC & Nevada State USBC meetings. Applications may be found by clicking here.

2016 Southern Nevada Senior Singles Championship

September 24-25; October 8-9
Virgin River Bowling Center
100 Pioneer Street, Mesquite, NV
Onsite Entry Closing time is 30 Minutes prior to squad time. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Click here for entry form and rules. Please note: Squads 2 and 3 are now full.


Direct Call and On-Line Reservations: Prior to cut-off date (1st weekend = 9/02/2016; 2nd weekend = 9/16/2016), individuals are encouraged to book their reservations on-line.
To receive your special group rate members will need to enter the assigned Reservation ID: 3SNS923 through the Hotel’s website at

Rate for first weekend (September 23 & 24): $44; Rate for second weekend (October 7 & 8); $54

Prior to cut-off date, individuals may also call Hotel’s Room Reservations Department direct at (877) 438-2929 and identify themselves as members of a group or convention with Group Reservation ID: 3SNS923. Please be advised that without this Reservation ID, you will not receive the special rate and may be advised that the hotel is sold out.

Early arrivals and late departures, other than those listed above, may be requested at the time the reservation is submitted.

Secretary of the Year

Do you have a secretary who is just plain outstanding? If so, have you considered nominating him/her for a Secretary of the Year award. Click here for the nomination form and other information you need to get them the recognition they deserve.

9-Pin No Tap Tour

The 9-Tap Tour

The 9-Tap Tour offers a handicapped 9-Pin No Tap Tournament format (9 on your first ball counts as a STRIKE).

Click here for information on the 9-Pin No Tap Tour.

South Point Senior Shootout

  November 13-18, 2016 at the South Point Bowling Plaza, Las Vegas, NV

  For bowlers age 50 and over with less than 3 National PBA titles (please read rules for exceptions to this)

  $5,000 guaranteed for 1st place shootout champion.

  Please click here for additional information and an entry form. For additional information visit the tournament's website.


Oldest Bowler to Bowl 800 Series in Nevada

Every once in awhile somone brings something new to my attention and this is just one of those little tidbits. Do you know who is the oldest bowler in Nevada to bowl an 800 series? If not, then you are in the same boat I was until I discovered the answer last night. He is Jim Eklund and he was one month shy of being 84 when he bowled it on July 9, 2014 while bowling for the Wednesday Doubles league at the Gold Coast. At the time he broke a USBC record that had been set in 2005 but, unfortunately, Jim's USBC record only lasted until December 14, 2015. On behalf of the Southern Nevada USBC Association's board of directors we would like to offer Jim our sincerest congratulations.

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